Established in 1990, Lindsey ChiroPlus Has a Proven Track Record in kinesiology tape within the Community of Lake and McHenry County

Lindsey ChiroPlus’s tape is specially designed to aid in the soft tissue healing process. The taping method allows you to get the benefit of a full range of motion, as it keeps the taped area supported and helps to to reduce swelling, bruising, and pain in the process.

You don’t need to be Russel Wilson, Megan Rapinoe, Jacob deGrom, or a professional athlete of any kind to experience the benefits of kinesiology tape. The fact is, muscle and joint aches are all too common as we age, regardless of our livelihood or level of daily activity. Unlike medical taping, K-taping promotes natural movements. Lindsey ChiroPlus provides taping that reduces the pressure that’s created when the patient walks and moves, helping to stimulate muscle activity. Taping strengthens muscles that have lost function as well, retraining muscles that have become accustomed to an irregular or unnatural way of working.

As a trusted provider to the Lake and McHenry County community, Dr. Kathleen Lindsey has been in practice since 1988, having opened Lindsey ChiroPlus in 1990. Specializing in taping has proven to be a natural choice over the years. While standard athletic tape immobilizes joints, k-tape serves to work as a rubber band in its support of muscles and tendons.

Don’t take pain or soreness lying down. Connect with Lindsey ChiroPlus and get the benefit of a licensed chiropractor and certified acupuncturist’s expertise in kinesiology tape or k-tape, as it’s known.

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