Chiropractic Adjustments

Established in 1990, Lindsey ChiroPlus Has a Proven Track Record in Chiropractic Adjustments within the Community of Lake and McHenry County

Did you know that chiropractic adjustments have the capacity to improve your overall health well beyond your specific back problems? Chiropractic adjustment, or spinal and joint manipulation as it’s sometimes called, can relieve pain, correct your body’s alignment and improve your overall function. As a trusted provider to the Lake and McHenry County community, Dr. Kathleen Lindsey has been in practice since 1988, having opened Lindsey ChiroPlus in 1990. The name of the game is resolving joint inflammation and reducing pain!

Although most people associate chiropractors with back health and the spine’s alignment, Lindsey ChiroPlus has also been known to help relieve pain affecting patients’ bones, cartilage, connective tissue, joints, and muscles.

Lindsey Chiropractic provides quality service and, in most cases, same-day care. We are a network provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO and Medicare. Out-of-Network service is also available. Lindsey ChiroPlus proudly carry Island Lake Health Supplies as well as a growing number of nutritional products, vitamins, minerals, and herbs.

Lindsey ChiroPlus Specializes In:

  • Relieving Neck Pain
  • Reducing Dependence on Opioid, Pain Relievers
  • Easing Back Pain
  • Reducing Osteoarthritis Symptoms
  • Easing Symptoms Associated with Headaches
  • Providing Affordable Treatment for Chronic Back Pain
  • Reducing Symptoms Associated with Scoliosis
  • Improving Overall Posture
  • Improving Athletic Performance, Ability to Exercise

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